Signs that a Child Needs a Tutor

By: Jeremy Smith

Every parent wants their children to succeed in school. Earning great grades and feeling competent in the classroom can boost a child’s self-esteem, prepare them for future academic success, and help them enjoy school. Some children, however, struggle with school. It is important to notice this early and intervene as soon as possible. By providing the child with the academic help he or she needs, the parent will set them on a path of success for the future. It may be necessary to secure private alternative loans to pay for the extra schooling, but it will pay for itself in the long run. Here are some signs to look for that indicates a child may need a tutor.

Reluctance The child’s attitude towards school has suddenly changed. If a little girl used to wake up excited for another day of school, but now has a lackluster attitude towards getting on the school bus, the parent needs to have a conversation with the child. It is possible she has recently encountered new material she is having difficulties understanding, or she got her first negative grade on an assignment. It is important for parents to find out what is troubling their children about going to school; if the source is academic, they should strongly consider getting her some extra help.

Assignments The child has stopped bringing home completed assignments from school. This could be a sign that his or her performance is slipping and they are afraid to tell their parents. Bringing home great grades and excellent comments is always fun and rewarding for children, but showing their parents negative feedback can be tough. If this happens, parent should talk to the child and assure him or her that their love is in no way dependent on school performance, then look into getting a tutor.

Finally, other signs that a child could use some extra help with schooling include the following: getting a phone call from his or her teacher expressing concerns, receiving a sequence of negative grades on assignments, or receiving below average marks on a standardized test. These warning signs all indicate that additional tutoring may be necessary.

Ultimately, it is not possible to underestimate the importance of a child feeling competent and successful early on in school. Parents should be on the lookout for signs that their children may be struggling with school and might benefit from a tutor. Obtaining quality academic help for a child at the first signs of difficulties is the key to maintaining their love for school and learning, as well as their success in the future.
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