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By: Iain Morrison


Model railroad hobbyists run the gamut from the Golden Age of Steam to ultra-modern trains. No matter the individual preference, Hornby train sets will satisfy nearly any railroader’s hunger for realistic and fun model trains. In addition, Hornby also offers an alternative to electric-powered models. They make a unique steam-powered set for real authenticity.

Allsorts Model Shop is pleased to offer the most popular Hornby model railways. A purchase of one of these uniquely detailed model trains makes an excellent first set for a child or the child at heart. Not only do Hornby train sets include incredibly realistic-looking locomotives but also rolling stock to complete the total experience.

The basic starter packs are ideal for the novice model railroader. For the more advanced collector, there is an amazing wealth of engines, rolling stock, and track options. For example, the Royal Train will likely appeal to the nostalgic while the sleek EuroTrain looks ready to reach the Channel Tunnel in record time as it sets on the table or floor.

These sets are available at a number of prices. The top of the sets feature incredible detail, especially in the rolling stock. Carriages may even come equipped with interior lamps that turn on and off.

Of course, track packs and building packs make setting up a new rail system easy as 1-2-3. Using additional mats allows future expansion, resulting in a spectacular miniature rail system. All sets include a controller and a transformer. Some offer a point and buffer stop as well.

In addition, Hornby also offers an alternative to the usual electric-powered model. Hobbyists can choose from traditional analogue-controlled trains or very modern digitally controlled sets. Hornby also offers a unique steam-powered set for real authenticity.

Accessory packs make Hornby train sets even more lifelike and fun. Proper model trains need buildings and landscaping to give free rein to the imagination. A classic engine and carriages require train stations and telegraph wires to really look at home.

Allsorts Model Shop carries a wide selection of Hornby model railways for both the novice and the dedicated collector. Not only are these high-quality sets great fun while sitting on the floor on a rainy afternoon. They have a high value as collectors’ items as well.
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