How to Be Yourself:

By: Tanisha Adjokatcher

Are you afraid to speak your truth when you know it might be upsetting to someone else? Do you pretend to be confident when deep inside you feel insecure and unsure of yourself? Do you speak and act differently around certain people to gain their approval and acceptance?

How to Be Yourself!

When we are wearing a “mask”, whether we’re conscious of it or not, we feel isolated, fearful, and out of integrity because we are not allowing our true self to come out. We are hiding… And not only does this keep us from experiencing fullfillment in relationships or creating the success we’re looking for in life… But we end up living in a state of internal struggle and pain. We can’t possibly be truly authentic because we are molding ourselves to be the “person” that others will love, accept, and approve of.

You are molding yourself to fit others liking and this is wearing a mask. Pretending to be someone that you are not. You may not say what you want to say because of what others think. I’ve been reflecting on this and many people have worn mask for years and they put a lot of effort into becoming what they think others want them to be….

Just be yourself and if people like you for you they are the ones that will stick around. You cannot please everyone, you just have to please God.

How to Be Yourself!

When you are trying to please others and be the person they want you to be you won’t know who are. You have to be real and you will attract real people. Don’t be around a bunch of fake people because they don’t know who they are as well. Be real wherever you go and not fake today and real tomorrow. It becomes a headache when you have different personalities in many places, you have to remember where you were fake or real at. Come on, put your efforts into being you the real you. Its too much headache and aggravation to try to live up to others expectations.

People are unpredictable and the reality of life is that people are only around for a season, and once that season is over they are gone. So what will you do now since that person is gone? Move forward to working on being you and not forming yourself to fit others liking…..

Being you saves you time on your life and won’t make you look as older than you are…..
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How To Win On BidsTick:

By: Mikael Lindholm

There’s no denying the fact that is a great resource for bargain deals on the hottest gadgets and electronics, luxury goods, as well as other high-end items. While penny bid auctions involve luck, a lot of it for that matter, it still takes some degree of skill to win, and bidding on is no different. Here are some tips on how you can increase your chances of winning a MacBook Pro, an HDTV, or some other fancy item.

1. Get your feet wet! The best way for you to know how to win on is to try out the auctions and see how things work firsthand. Fortunately for you, BidsTick gives away free bids to newly subscribed members, allowing you to play for free.

2. Of course, that’s not to say that you shouldn’t be careful. It’s always a good idea to observe bidders on the site and take a few notes here and there. Coming up with a “battle plan” is especially useful when it comes to bidding against power bidders.

3. Keep an eye on free bids. gives away free bids when you purchase larger bid packs. So if you’re thinking of doing some heavy bidding, buy bids in bulk. The free bids you get from your purchases will definitely increase your chances of winning. The site also auctions off bid packs, so try to bid on them when you can.

4. Don’t be trigger happy and never buy bids beyond the amount you’re willing to lose. Many bidders out there think that the more times you bid, the higher your chances of winning. Nothing could be farther than the truth. To be a successful bidder on, you’ll have to play carefully and have the mindset: “You’ll have to lose some to win some.”

5. Don’t bid immediately after someone outbids you. Let the other bidders have their fun first and bid only when they leave and when the timer is about to run out. Patience is the key to this game and half of the time, you’ll be bored waiting for your turn to make a move.

6. Bid on the items of lower-value first. If you’re a newbie to, or to penny auctions in general, then gun for the small-ticket items. This way, you’re less likely to run into power bidders who will simply outgun you with the insane number of bids under their belts.

7. Pick an item and stick with it. Believe it or not, some bidders will respectfully bow out in the final seconds of an auction, especially if they see that you’ve bidding on it for a very long stretch of time. Think of it as an unspoken rule or something. More importantly, sticking to an item will also frustrate other bidders, allowing you to take the lead and finish strongly in the end.

8. Don’t forget to keep your address and contact information up to date. only gives you 30 minutes to pay for your won item, so have everything sorted out beforehand.

Mikael Lindholm is a professional auction blogger and a member of National Association of Auctioneers. He is also an active member of Bid Auctions

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How to Choose a Web Hosting Company:

By: Paula Gregorowicz

Everyone who wants to have a presence on the web (and if you’re in business, that means YOU) needs to host their site somewhere. I explained why that is so in a recent Web 101 article on hosting. So, you know you need one, but how do you go about choosing one? After all, you see ads for web hosting all over the Internet with prices ranging from a few dollars a month and up (and up). Which one is right for you?

First of all there are really only 3 main categories of web hosting: dedicated hosting, virtual dedicated hosting, and shared hosting. Dedicated hosting means that your site and your site alone is the only one that resides on a single physical server. The benefits are that you often get to configure the server in a more custom way and the only activity and traffic that affects your site is your own. That being said, dedicated hosting is very expensive (usually $80/month and UP) and not something the typical small or solo business owner needs. Virtual dedicated hosting gives you the administrative power of dedicated hosting without being the sole site on a given server. Pricing for virtual dedicated servers are in the midrange ($30/mo and up). Shared hosting, on the other hand, is just what it says — multiple sites are hosted on a single physical server. This is the hosting most people use because it is very cost effective and can start as low as $4/month for a small, basic package. The only conceivable downside to shared hosting is that what one site on a server does (traffic, etc.) can affect others. However, it has been my experience that for most small to medium size sites it is sufficient assuming you choose a good hosting company.

What makes a hosting company good? In my opinion there are key services you need from your host in order to effectively and reliably house your business’ Internet presence.

Reliability and Monitoring

If your site is not up and available you are not in business on the web. Therefore, your host should have a very high uptime statistic (like 99% or above). Any scheduled outages should be well communicated, short, and at off-peak times (think middle of the night US time). Unscheduled problems should be resolved quickly and efficiently. In addition, ensure that the hosting company monitors its servers 24X7. In this day and age of pagers, automatic performance monitoring, and alert systems, you shouldn’t be the one having to call them and inform them of a problem. They should know the minute it happens (or before) and be handling it ASAP. Let’s face it things can and do happen, you just want to make sure it is a very rare exception and is handled promptly and appropriately.

24X7 Free Support

You should have access to your host’s support team not only via e-mail or live chat but also by telephone 24X7. You shouldn’t have to wait an eternity in the queue either. Personally I consider waiting any more than 10 minutes to be a total joke (and I’m being generous). When you get someone on the phone they should be knowledgeable, easy to understand (as in speak plain English without techno babble or an accent so thick that a ginzu knife couldn’t cut it), and willing to do what it takes to help you. (Before you start commenting that I am taking a dig at diversity, I love all the exciting differences that fall into the big melting pot. I just don’t think phone support is the best way to leverage the skills of someone who doesn’t have strong communication skills.)

Using her signature down to earth and “plain English” approach to website design, Paula Gregorowicz and The Paula G. Company work with small and solo business owners to make the web work for them so their online presence is a true reflection of who they are. Visit

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